My name is Dr Rob Endicott and I provide a roving dental sedation service in the Midlands and London area. Until 2018 I was a general family and implant dentist in Stratford Upon Avon and have retired to focus on helping patients get the treatment they need and overcome their fear of the dentist.

I mainly carry out Intravenous Sedation and for people with a severe needle phobia, Intranasal Sedation.

I can visit the practice and the dentist where you normally have your treatment. Just ask your dentist to get in touch or give me a shout.

I currently work with the following practices:

Cotswold Dental Wellness in Chipping Norton

Cheltenham Dental Spa and Implant Clinic

Deddington Dental near Banbury

Lion House Dental in Hook Norton

Its easy to say but Don’t Worry! It is possible to get your dentistry done without fear, discomfort, guilt or embarrassment. See my video below.


and visit my personal website for more info at www.phobiadentist.com


If you are about to undergo a sedation procedure, your dentist may ask you to see my video below